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How to share your cum eating fetish with your partner

You have a secret. You really want to be able to share this cum eating secret with your partner, but you just aren't sure how to go about it. You love to eat cum. You jack off in your hand and you like to lick your fingers clean. After making love, you have this deep seated desire to eat her out, sucking your cum from her. Now, how do you get her involved?

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Sharing a Cum Eating Fetish

With all the different sexual fantasies and fetishes out there, it is hard to believe that people are still afraid to talk with their partner about them. How can you make the transition to discussing your cum eating fetish with you partner? Wait to discuss your desire until you are both aroused. When things are hot and heavy, try to open up the cum eating discussion. Tell her what feels good, ask her to do something. Talk dirty and let her know what it is you want. Inhibitions are pushed aside when the body becomes sexually aroused. Thoughts become dirty. The taboo cum eating fetish is now something that turns the both of you on.

Eating Cum Off of Your Lover

You are pumping away, your cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. You can feel the pressure building up, and your cock starts to throb. You want to cum and you want to feel it shooting out of your cock and into her. Most of all, you want to suck your cum out of her. Will she let you? Will she think it is gross? Now is the time to tell her. Get the words out between grunts. Be nasty and just say it.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum inside you, filling you with my seed and then I'm going to suck it all out of you!"

She hears you. It may not seem like it, but she hears you, and it turns her on too. Now just do it! Pump harder, faster, and let cum deep inside of her. Maybe you want to pull out and let the last bit of cum coat her thighs. Go for it.

Lick Your Cum

Now slide down her luscious body and begin to lap it off her thigh. If she hasn't cum yet, be ready to have your head pushed to her dripping pussy. You can finish her off while you suck your cum from her. Let the cum fill your mouth. Be sure to save some of yours to give to her too. She'll be hot and ready, bucking onto your face to get off. She heard you, and now that you are doing it, she is ready to explode.

Sharing Your Cum With Your Lover

Once you have given her an orgasm, slide back up her body. Kiss her, slipping your tongue, the cum and her juice into her mouth. Tell her about it. Tell her how much you love the taste of cum. Let her know how you like to eat your cum, her juice, and then the both of them together. Your excitement, your ability to open up to her like this, will add to her arousal and enjoyment. After the first time you taste your own cum, it will become easier easier. Maybe the nasty talk is as far as you can take it the first time.

No need to rush, feel things out, go as far as you both feel comfortable and then stop until the next time. Once you have done it, you can talk about it. As you lie together in the afterglow, thank her. She may want to ask questions about how much you enjoyed eating your cum. Be prepared to be open and honest with her. Sharing other fantasies and fetishes will come easier now. Remember not to scoff at her fantasies or to think badly of her because of them. The minute one of you laughs or cringes at the other it will shut down the communication. It is important to remember that sexual inhibitions may be very tightly held.

Take it slow

If you want your partner to be open and accepting of your cum eating fetish, you may need to go slowly with her. She may not want to talk about or admit to it. It may be something she does, or accepts that you do, but then pretends it isn't there. Sharing a fetish, being willing to share it, can be very scary for you two. Try it out, test the waters, go one step at a time if you have to. Eventually, with patience and trust, you will be able to explore and share your cum eating fantasies with your lover. . And that is what a good relationship is about, both in the bed, and out.

Coached Cum Eating Mistresses Currently Available