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Curious About the Taste of your Own Cum?

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"Make me eat my own cum!" We hear that a lot. If you are curious about tasing your own cum, you're certainly not alone! You may be shy or embarrassed to talk about this curiousity or desire, but knowing that there are many men out there who fantasize about being seduced by a sexy woman into tasting their own semen will make you more comfortable exploring your cum eating fantasies.

For many men, the desire to ingest their own ejaculate has a femdom slant. But there are many ways to explore the fantasy. Perhaps in the cum eating phone sex fantasy, you're just so turned on by the woman you'll do anything she wants you to do - including eating your own cum. Sometimes, the first experience a man has with tasting his own cum is accidental! Accidental cum tasting can happen with an unusually powerful ejaculation, and a wide open, moaning mouth - you get the picture.


Cum Eating Phone Sex Games

The desire to taste or eat your own cum can be worked into fun cum eating phone sex games. Here are a few ideas:


Cum Eating: The Fantasy that Ends when the Stroking Ends

Don't Be Afraid...Just Taste It!
taste your own semen

If you are a curious would-be cum eater, then you're probably familiar with the fact that the thought of cum eating can get you very aroused and excited, but as soon as you have an orgasm, the desire to taste your cum completely goes away. But you really, really want to go through with it! A Cum Eating phone sex session can help you overcome the post-ejaculate repulsion, and increase the chances that you will actually go through with your cum tasting desires.

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Why Do I Want to Eat My Own Cum?

There are a few reasons that you may find cum eating erotic. Perhaps it's something dirty and naughty in your mind - usually such things are compelling and erotic. Perhaps you have a tiny bit of bi-curious tendencies, and you want to start out tasting your own cum before you think about moving on to someone else's. Perhaps it's just something new and different to try out! We can help you explore these cum eating phone sex fantasies in whatever way you like.

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The Truth about Cum Eating: by Ms Ivy of

It is a fantasy and desire shared by many men out there. The idea of ingesting your own semen excites you, it is enticing it's what you think about when you are stroking, it is what you dream about just before your awoken by that same wet dream. But, have you ever ACTUALLY done it? Has your cum touched the tip of your tongue? Have you swallowed your load in full? Perhaps even eaten it with a spoon or have you thought of being coached to ingest it even with you slightly resistant?

Truth is, after you cum the idea of eating it have more than likely diminished. It was a fantasy in your head about your face being smothered with it, of your mouth completely filled with it - but once you have released the sexual excitement has more or less deteriorated. You have peeked and now with the sexual release gone, your desire to consume the load of cum you just released may scare you or even repulse you.

It's as if you have left all your worries and inhibitions behind when you were 'in the moment' and now that the moment is gone you start THINKING about it instead of FANTASIZING about it.

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What is the Difference Between Thinking and Fantasizing about Cum Eating?

make me eat my own cum

You may think they are the same but honestly, thinking is something you do at work, you THINK about the project or tasks you need to complete. You THINK about the things you have to do when you get home be it the shopping, bills, etc. THINKING is less fun than FANTASIZING. Now, FANTASIZING can happen anywhere, work, home, when you are driving, etc. But fantasizing is when you've entered into your imagined world, the world you have tailored to your needs. The world that is exciting, intoxicate, one you never want to leave. And for YOU that Fantasy you think about eating your own cum. So after your cum release, you start to THINK leaving the more fantasy world behind, and the idea of eating your cum starts to feel dirty, perhaps a little frightening or repulsive.

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Why are you so scared to taste your cum?

Is it because you think you would be considered dirty, or gay? If you think about it you aren't sucking anyone else off. You aren't ingesting the load of anyone else. It is from YOU. You were turned on, You stroked it, You shot it out. What is so wrong with it? It always seems to have some shivering with excitement and fear of the idea of eating their own cum. Perhaps you just need a little push Believe it or not you are NOT the only guy out that that thinks about it, and we are here to indulge those fantasies and push you beyond just those fantasy limits and make it a reality. You only live once; why not give it a try?


So here is your Cum Eating Challenge

Make the truth about eating cum just a myth. I want you to eat it, taste it, and savor it. When the load is dripping from your finger tips lick it up. Are you still having issues wrapping your mind around the idea? Well, that is why we are here to coach you, push you, make you do the things you only dream about it. With us by your side you will eat your cum, there is no other option. We will bring your fantasy into a reality, you will complete the task you so often fantasies and dream about. You're sexual satisfaction will not be met in full until you have consumed every last drop of your creamy, thick, oozing cum. That is the challenge. Your release will ONLY be fulfilled once you have devoured your load, and with our guidance - you will have no other choice.

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