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You're not the only one begging me to teach you to eat your cum. Oh, I know it's hot to think about lapping your load out of your hand like my good little pet while you're stroking, but something happens once you pop your top. You look down at your palm and all you see is a big...mess.

Well, that's what happens when all you can do is think with your little penis head.

Stop trying to do it on your own, because you're never going to be disciplined enough to lick it up without your mistress whispering in your ear. And why would you even want to do it alone when you could have me getting you hard and coaxing your balls into shooting rope after rope of thick gooey man cream for your consumption?

You will be shocked at how eagerly you'll gobble up that puddle for me after I work my magic, and the goal that has eluded you will suddenly be attained. Such an obedient sweet submissive! Look at you pleasing your mistress!

You will eat that cum for me. There is no question whether or not you will do it. Do not call me unless you're ready to make the transition from stroker boy to cum craver, because if you let me down....Well, you don't even want to know what will happen in that case.

Oh, and you seasoned cum connoisseur, let's expand your repertoire together. I'm quite the cook, and a little salted cream is just the condiment for so many dishes.

It all begins with a phone and a finger dialing my numbers. Don't keep your mistress waiting.