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So are you curious about the art of consummating the delicacies of the phallus? Does the idea of trying the plethora of the penis excite you? Or perhaps you are already well aware of the taste you acquired for the primordial ambrosia of cock carnality? Let me help you cultivate, consume and really savor the fine wine of your release. What better way to acclimate yourself to your own body?

I can teach you different tricks of the trade for the nervous novice as well as share some ?homespun? recipes that will whet your ravenous palate.

If you are already an advanced expert with experience under your belt (no pun intended) I have a cornucopia of cum challenges and contests for you; And for you autodidacts out there, no worries ?I can provide a text session that I can send you to print and save for later for your perusal at another time. I'm also madly in love with watching the process for those of you that are ready. So SKYPE is another fun option to add for the bold explorer of the orgasmic freshly squeezed juicing realm.

Crystalline, thick and creamy ? I can give you tips to achieve the thick ropes of milking that you have always wanted. Much like grapes planted in different environments and sunny soil, each cock has a flavor unto itself that can be tinkered and dabbled with in the hands of a well-informed mistress.

I can make you the cum connoisseur from your wet dreams you should partake in the seeds you sow for the full effect of pleasure. Cum give it your best shot ?it's a cocktail you'll never forget ;)