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There isn't anything else that I know of that can fall more under both the category of erotic, and humiliating, than eating your own cum. You could wear your girlfriend's panties, suck her strap on cock, or worship her pussy, with her sitting on your face, but none of these things will give you the thrill that cum eating delivers.

That's where I come in. You are here right now, on the coached cum eating website, because you are curious about what your ejaculate tastes like, maybe you've even stroked your throbbing member, thinking about eating your creamy load. But you've not quite had enough courage to follow through.

Coaching you to eat your jizz, is a multi-faceted operation. Cum eating requires the type of mental conditioning that you can't get anywhere else, but with me. You know what it is you want, so badly, but you need someone to help you get there, and I'm here to help you see this to fruition.

Guiding you through the process with cum eating exercises, stroking techniques, and guided cum eating meditations that will affirm your desires to consume your milky nectar, and take your sexuality, and sensuality, to the next level. There are many ways to eat your cum, but it starts with your surrender, and getting deep into your psyche to unveil your truest intentions for yourself. It also starts with knowing that eating your cum for your mistress fulfills the strongest urges you have within you to serve your domina. And you don't ever want to disappoint your mistress.

Are you ready to serve me?