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Failure is not an option, when serving me. In any capacity. So if you are told to eat your cum and you pussy out on me, your punishment will be far worse than just eating your load would have been. We're discussing coached cum eating, are we not? Think of me as the cum eating coach that gives you tough love, and does not allow wiggle room for anything less than 100% obedience.

What is coached cum eating with the ebony femdom like? Think of the old Dr. Seuss rhyme: You will drink it in a glass, you will lick it off my ass. You will slurp it off my feet, squirt that sperm and then you eat. You are going to eat that cum by any means necessary. That may mean my foot on your neck, or a whip cracking against your bare ass. I do like to implement other forms of humiliation and pain, to ensure you get the message loud and clear.

That message is that you are going to eat your cum for me, and you're going to desire bringing me pleasure by doing so. And your reward is my time, and getting to complete whatever tasks I decide are fitting for you. I have other avenues of making you eat your cum. I like to play a little game of "which tastes worse?" And trust me when I say, there are far worse things to stick in your mouth, than your own sperm. So pussy bitch, are you ready to serve The Duchess? Pick up the phone and get to dialing. I look forward to being the best cum eating coach you will ever need.